“Empowering the Church for Service”

St. David’s Episcopal (Anglican) Church
117-35 235th Street
Cambria Heights, NY 11411
Tel: 718-528- 2095 Fax: 718-528- 5652
Email: [email protected]

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/SaintDavidsEpiscopalChurch

The Rev. Canon Karen Davis-Lawson, Rector
Rev. Charles H. Nelson, Deacon
Phyllis Fibleuil, Music Director/Organist

Lynette Davson and Roderick Evans, Wardens

Class of 2022
Beverley Fernandez, Patricia Knight-Williams, Anthony Rodriguez

Class of 2023
Trevor Ifill, Patrick Perry, Marlene Thompson

Class of 2025
Marlene Reynolds-Cox, Melva C Lewis, Nicole Neely

Officers (not vestry members)
Ms. Patricia Samuels, Treasurer
Ms. Noella Jackman, Clerk

“Proclaiming Good News to the Poor, the Blind, the Captive and the Oppressed”